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The Ignition Interlock License Blog

Posted by Unknown | Mar 04, 2014 | 0 Comments

This is the first of what I expect to be several blogs.  I want to use this forum to discuss the implementation of the Ignition Interlock License.  (See RCW 46.20.385). As mentioned at the WFCJ Seminar on December 12th, while I'd like to have the answers for all the questions that inevitably will arise, I just don't have enough information at this time.  That is why we have started this blog.  In the coming months, I want to hear from all of you, regardless of where you practice.  There are so many unknowns about this new license that we, as the defense bar, need to pool our resources and share our thoughts.  Specifically, in the coming months, I want to hear from all of you about the following:

1.  How long is it taking for your clients to get their IIL?

2.  What are you folks doing with the 2:00 am phone call and why?

3.  What is happening with people convicted of a DUI involving only drugs and not alcohol?

4.  How much more does the IID cost now, than it did before the IIL?

5.  What will happen if your client loses their DOL hearing, but gets their DUI reduced to a Reckless Driving?  Do they have to get both an IIL due to DOL and an ORL due to the Reckless?

6.  Since the inception of the IIL, what do you advise your client “who just can't lose my license for any reason” about a Deferred Prosecution?

Certainly this list is not exhaustive.  I want to hear from all of you about your experiences with the IIL.  If we all are willing to take a few minutes each week, to post your thoughts and observations, we can learn from each other.  I don't care if you're in private practice or you're a public defender.  I don't care what jurisdiction you practice in.  This blog is meant for every defense attorney in this State.  So you folks in Eastern Washington (God's Country) I expect to hear from you as well.

I want to hear about the good, the bad and especially the ugly.  I want to hear about your trials and tribulations.  I want to hear it all.  If you see a post, please don't hesitate to respond.  We don't always like to hear “war stories” but this forum is meant for just that.  The more I hear, the more I can communicate.  So please, take time to participate in this forum, we'll all benefit from everyone's insight.

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