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Coronavirus and Court Closures

Coronavirus and Your Case

Amdist the growing concerns and spread of the COVID-19 virus, it is important that you take extra precaution in every facet of your life.  To that end, if you are concerned about exposure, or feel ill, please contact your attorney immediately if you have court or an in office appointment scheduled in the near future.  

Governor Inslee and the State Supreme Court have issued several orders regarding public meetings, all of which are designed to limit congtagious or infectious environments.  To that end, several District and Municipal Courts have suspended operations for the time being.  This is only a partial list and you should check back here regularly as updates are received.  Many of these closures and/or dates are subject to change.  

Court Closures (As of March 14, 2020):

Seattle Municipal Court: 

Seattle Municipal Court continues to run somewhat limited, in person operations.  Seattle is expected to implement a video court in the coming weeks.  

King County Superior Courts:

King County Superior Court is currently operating primarily via Zoom for all out of custody matters.  

King County District Courts: 

Have suspended all non-essential operations until further notice.  Nearly all out of custody hearings are being conducted via Zoom at the current time.  

Kirkland Municipal Court:

Kirkland Municipal Court is currently handling almost all matters via Zoom.  

Snohomish County District Courts: 

Most non-testimonial matters are being conducted via Zoom in the Snohomish County District Courts.  

Bothell Municipal Court:

Primarily using Zoom for all out of custody matters.  

Edmonds Municipal Court:

Primarily using Zoom for all out of custody matters.  

Issaquah Municipal Court:

All non-testimonial matters are being conducted via Zoom and aired publicly on the City's YouTube channel.   

Lake Forest Park Municipal Court:

All matters are currently being conducted via Zoom.  

Mercer Island Municipal Court:

Has suspended all non-essential operations until April 24th.  You can read the Court's Order here.

Pierce County Superior and District Courts:

Is conducting arraignments and disposition hearings via Zoom.  All other matters require an in person appearance.   

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