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Redmond Coast Guard Hearings Lawyers

When a person faces boating under the influence (BUI) charges from the U.S. Coast Guard, they may be able to file a defense claim through a Coast Guard hearing. However, it is important to know that these hearings aren't full trials. In these cases, a person may present their claim for a BUI dispute, but won't be afforded the same rights and process as given in a criminal trial.

If you've been charged with a BUI, you may be able to challenge this charge through a Coast Guard hearing. If you are considering taking this path after being charged with a BUI, a qualified defense attorney can help you assess your options, determine the best path for you, and help prepare you. To speak with a knowledgeable Redmond Coast Guard hearings attorney of Cowan Kirk, contact us today at 866-822-1230.

What You Need to Know about Coast Guard Hearings

If a person is considering scheduling a hearing to dispute their BUI charges, it is imperative that they are properly prepared before heading into the hearings. Our experienced BUI defense attorneys at Cowan Kirk have the knowledge necessary to ensuring just this.

Prior to requesting a Coast Guard hearing, a person may want to know a number of important facts, including:

  • Hearings are requested through a written proposal, including a summary of the charges
  • The defendant is responsible for providing their own evidence
  • Defendants will not be automatically provided with a legal defender
  • Hearings are attended in-person or via video

With the aid of a competent attorney, a person may be able to get a defendant's charges dropped or have the penalties reduced in a Coast Guard hearing.

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BUI charges can carry serious penalties that may affect your life significantly. If you're facing these allegations, you may want to take whatever action possible to dispute the charges. For a free consultation with a defense lawyer about your options, contact our Redmond Coast Guard hearings lawyers of Cowan Kirk by calling 866-822-1230 today.

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