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Kirkland Commercial DUI Lawyers

A DUI conviction is likely to have a significant impact on any motorist's driving privileges, but may prove especially devastating for commercial drivers. Employees who hold a commercial driver's license are under strict requirements compared to other drivers. Additionally, the penalties associated with a DUI not only mean a loss of privileges, but will mean unemployment in the field of commercial driving for a substantial period of time.

If you are facing DUI charges as a commercial driver's license holder, contact the Kirkland commercial DUI lawyers of Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn today by calling 866-822-1230. Let our experience and determination go to work for you.

Commercial DUI Penalties

A motorist with a commercial driver's license is under substantially more pressure to keep a clean driving record than other motorists. A serious allegation such as DUI can potentially ruin that individual's career as a driver if they are convicted.

Many of the same penalties apply for commercial DUI violators as misdemeanor or felony DUI violators. However, the following DUI-related charges may additionally result in the loss of a commercial license for at least one year:

  • DUI
  • Intoxicated driving charges for minors
  • Driving a commercial vehicle with a BAC over 0.04
  • Leaving the scene after a hit-and-run accident

If a commercial driver is convicted for these crimes two times, they will permanently lose their CDL permanently.

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If you have been charged with DUI and hold a commercial driver's license, your livelihood may be at risk. For vigorous and committed legal representation, contact the Kirkland commercial DUI attorneys of Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn at 866-822-1230 today.

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