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DUI Statutes

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Deferred Prosecution
RCW 10.05.010 Eligibility — Time for petition.
RCW 10.05.015 Statement of availability.
RCW 10.05.020 Requirements of petition — Rights of petitioner — Court findings
RCW 10.05.030 Arraignment continued — Treatment referral.
RCW 10.05.040 Investigation and examination.
RCW 10.05.050 Report to court — Recommended treatment plan — Commitment to provide treatment.
RCW 10.05.055 Child welfare services.
RCW 10.05.060 Procedure upon approval of plan.
RCW 10.05.070 Arraignment when treatment rejected.
RCW 10.05.080 Evidence, uses and admissibility.
RCW 10.05.090 Procedure upon breach of treatment plan.
RCW 10.05.100 Conviction of similar offense.
RCW 10.05.110 Trial delay not grounds for dismissal.
RCW 10.05.120 Dismissal of charges.
RCW 10.05.130 Services provided for indigent defendants.
RCW 10.05.140 Conditions of granting.
RCW 10.05.150 Alcoholism program requirements.
RCW 10.05.160 Appeal of deferred prosecution order.
RCW 10.05.170 Supervision as condition — Levy of assessment.

Implied Consent – License Sanctions
RCW 46.20.308 Implied consent — Test refusal — Procedures.
RCW 46.20.311 Duration of license sanctions — Reissuance or renewal.
RCW 46.20.315 Surrender of license.
RCW 46.20.380 Fee.
RCW 46.20.391 Application — Eligibility — Restrictions — Cancellation.
RCW 46.20.394 Detailed restrictions — Violation.
RCW 46.20.3101 Implied consent — License sanctions, length of.

Ignition Interlock Device
RCW 46.20.710 Legislative finding.
RCW 46.20.720 Drivers convicted of alcohol offenses.
RCW 46.20.740 Notation on driving record — Verification of interlock –
RCW 46.20.750 Assisting another in starting or operating — Penalty.

DUI Related Criminal Provisions
RCW 46.61.502 Driving under the influence.
RCW 46.61.503 Driver under twenty-one consuming alcohol — Penalties.
RCW 46.61.504 Physical control of vehicle under the influence.
RCW 46.61.5054 Alcohol violators — Additional fee — Distribution.
RCW 46.61.5055 Alcohol violators — Penalty schedule.
RCW 46.61.5056 Alcohol violators — Information school — Evaluation and treatment.
RCW 46.61.50571 Alcohol violators — Mandatory appearances.
RCW 46.61.5058 Alcohol violators — Vehicle seizure and forfeiture.
RCW 46.61.506 Persons under influence of intoxicating liquor or drug — Evidence — Tests — Information concerning tests.
RCW 46.61.508 Liability of medical personnel withdrawing blood.
RCW 46.61.513 Criminal history and driving record.
RCW 46.61.516 Qualified probation department defined.
RCW 46.61.517 Refusal of test — Admissibility as evidence.
RCW 46.61.519 Alcoholic beverages — Drinking or open container in vehicle on highway — Exceptions.
RCW 46.61.5191 Local ordinances not prohibited.
RCW 46.61.5195 Disguising alcoholic beverage container.
RCW 46.61.5249 Negligent driving — First degree.
RCW 46.61.525 Negligent driving — Second degree.
RCW 46.61.540 “Drugs,” what included.

Boating Under the Influence
RCW 79A.60.010 Definitions.
RCW 79A.60.020 Violations of chapter punishable as misdemeanor – Circumstances – Violations designated as civil infractions.
RCW 79A.60.030 Operation of vessel in a negligent manner – Penalty.
RCW 79A.60.040 Operation of vessel in a reckless manner – Operation of a vessel under the influence of intoxicating liquor – Penalty.
RCW 79A.60.050 Homicide by watercraft – Penalty.
RCW 79A.60.060 Assault by watercraft – Penalty.

SMC 11.56.020 Persons under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug
SMC 11.56.025 Penalty for persons under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug.

WAC Chapter 308-103 Rules and Procedures for DOL Administrative Hearings
WAC 308-103-010 Applicability.
WAC 308-103-020 Definitions.
WAC 308-103-030 Computation of Time.
WAC 308-103-040 Request for Hearings.
WAC 308-103-050 Scheduling–Notice of Hearing.
WAC 308-103-060 Notice of Appearance.
WAC 308-103-070 Continuances.
WAC 308-103-080 Deferred Prosecutions – Withdrawals.
WAC 308-103-090 Subpoenas.
WAC 308-103-100 Evidence – Exhibits.
WAC 308-103-110 Evidence – Video tapes.
WAC 308-103-120 Evidence.
WAC 308-103-130 Interpreters.
WAC 308-103-140 Testimony Under Oath or Affirmation.
WAC 308-103-150 Conduct of Hearings.
WAC 308-103-160 Defaults.
WAC 308-103-170 Temporary License.
WAC 308-103-180 Final Order.
WAC 308-103-190 Reconsideration and Appeals.

WAC Chapter 448-14 State Toxicologist Standards For Analysis Of Blood Samples For Alcohol
WAC 448-14-010 Criteria for approved methods of quantitative analysis of blood samples for alcohol.
WAC 448-14-020 Operational discipline of blood samples for alcohol.
WAC 448-14-030 Qualifications for a blood alcohol analyst.

WAC Chapter 448-15 Administration Of Breath Alcohol Screening Test
WAC 448-15-010 Approval of devices.
WAC 448-15-020 Use of test results.
WAC 448-15-030 Test protocol.
WAC 448-15-040 Certification.
WAC 448-15-050 PBT operators.
WAC 448-15-060 PBT technicians.
WAC Chapter 448-16 Administration Of Breath Test Program
WAC 448-16-010 Basis for rules governing breath testing.
WAC 448-16-020 Approval of breath test equipment.
WAC 448-16-030 Definitions.
WAC 448-16-040 Foreign substances, interference, and invalid samples.
WAC 448-16-050 Test defined.
WAC 448-16-060 Determining agreement of duplicate breath samples.
WAC 448-16-070 Review, approval, and authorization of protocols of procedures and methods by the state toxicologists.
WAC 448-16-080 Instructors.
WAC 448-16-090 Operators.
WAC 448-16-100 Solution changers.
WAC 448-16-110 Technicians.
WAC 448-16-120 Permit cards.
WAC 448-16-130 Review, approval, and authorization by the state toxicologist of training.
WAC 448-16-140 Information concerning technical aspects of the breath test program.
WAC 448-16-150 Address for correspondence.
WAC 448-16-160 Severability.

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