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Bellingham Boating Under the Influence Attorneys

A person operating a boat can be arrested for boating under the influence if they are above the legal limit of intoxication. BUI laws in the state of Washington are strict, applying strong penalties for those who are convicted. The standards for an intoxicated boating charge are closely related to DUI standards, relying on many of the same legal definitions.

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BUI Penalties

According to the law, a person may not operate a boat or other watercraft if they are above the 0.08 BAC level set by the state. In addition, intoxicated boat operators may face additional legal problems when they go through field sobriety tests. Often, these tests require a degree of balance that may be hindered by the movement of the water. However, a law enforcement official does not always have the right to immediately ask boat operators to dock for field tests without reasonable suspicion.

The following penalties may result from BUI convictions:

  • Loss of boating license
  • Criminal fines
  • Probation
  • Jail
  • Mandatory alcohol education
  • Community service

The severity of the penalties associated with a conviction will depend upon a number of factors, including a record of previous offenses.

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