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Bellevue DUI Defense Lawyers

Here at the DUI defense law firm of Cowan Kirk, our lawyers are dedicated to providing residents of the Bellevue area with the quality services necessary to protect them against damaging DUI charges. We have served the state of Washington since 1969, and with 40 years of experience in our heads and our hearts, we have the knowledge and understanding necessary to successfully fight any DUI case.

Our group of Bellevue DUI defense lawyers are capable and well-versed in our area of practice. Call our offices today at 1-866-822-1230 to speak with a dedicated attorney about your situation and to find out more about how we can help you.

Covering All Areas of Your Case

The DUI defense lawyers of Cowan Kirk are dedicated to and passionate about all cases that we take on. We have spent the past four decades perfecting our litigation techniques and expanding upon our knowledge of Washington-specific DUI litigation. Our prior experience with complicated cases has allowed us to shape various strategies that have proven to be successful in the following types of cases:

The Cowan Kirk Law Firm has developed a reputation of providing quality services to our clients over the past few decades. Our aggressive and persistent approach to DUI litigation is known state-wide by prosecutors. The lawyers of Cowan Kirk are dedicated to defending your case through and through.

I Actually Did Write the Book on Washington DUI Law

Our lawyers are proud to provide not only our personal clients with excellent DUI defense, but also lawyers and defendants nationwide with helpful DUI defense techniques and strategies. Our founder, Doug Cowan, wrote the textbook Defending DUIs in Washington, which provides lawyers across the state with information on how best to take on the most difficult and complicated cases.

In 1995, Cowan went on to found the National College for DUI defense, alongside 11 other skilled lawyers. Each year, this college makes an appearance at the Harvard Law School to provide up and coming, young attorneys about important DUI defense information. Doug has given lectures in 19 states nationwide. He preaches one effective technique: enter the courtroom with determination, commitment, and more knowledge of the specific case, facts, and the science behind DUI than any other lawyer, and you will be successful.

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Every lawyer here at Cowan Kirk is one hundred percent dedicated to providing our clients with the best DUI defense possible. Our experienced attorneys Doug Cowan and Bill Kirk have the knowledge and tenacity necessary to fight your case the whole way.

If you have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, call the Cowan Kirk Law Firm today at 1-866-822-1230. Our lawyers can provide you with the help and services you need to fight your way out of this difficult time.

Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn

Cowan Kirk is known throughout Washington and the nation for representing all of its clients with commitment, creativity and compassion. We recognize how devastating a DUI charge can be, particularly when our clients learn how incredibly tough Washington's DUI laws have become, even for a first-time offender.

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If you need a DUI defense attorney in Seattle, Bellevue, or King County, contact us today to find out why respect for our clients, a passion for justice, and our commitment to winning have earned each of us the highest honor a member of the bar can receive from our colleagues – their referrals.