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When Should I Not Drive?

The effects of alcohol on the human body are the same for anyone. However, the amount of alcohol it takes for certain individuals to feel these effects varies from case to case. The effects of a set amount of alcohol on the human body may vary depending on size and weight, genetics, and the amount of food in the stomach.

Because this drug affects everyone differently, the laws set in place to regulate drunk driving make the determination of a DUI based on a person's blood alcohol content (BAC), as opposed to the number of drinks consumed prior to operating the vehicle. Nationwide, the legal limit is 0.08% BAC.

How to Tell if You Should Not Drive

Since not everyone has a personal breathalyzer system that can be used to determine if he or she is good to drive, most people must make their own judgments on the matter based upon their current mental and physical states. Alcohol has the following effects on the body:

  • Impaired or slurred speech
  • Inability to balance
  • Loss of motor skills/coordination
  • Impaired hearing and vision
  • Change in mood and intensified emotions
  • Confusion

If you notice that you or a friend is exhibiting these signs of intoxication, then someone else should drive. This way, you can prevent a DUI and a potentially dangerous accident from occurring.

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