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Visual Detection of DUI

Though drunk driving has been a concern for decades, it is still a fairly new social problem. Prior to the development and widespread adoption of the automobile, there was obviously no need for addressing the issue. But by 1910, it was evident to some that legislation was needed. So in that year New York became the first state to enact an anti-drunk driving law. The war on DUI has escalated significantly in recent decades as a consequence of broader public awareness and the efforts of social advocacy groups that have taken to the television and radio airwaves with aggressive campaigns.

As an aid to police officers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has compiled a list of visual cues that suggest a driver may be operating a vehicle under the influence. If your driving prompted a law enforcement agent to pull you over and resulted in your arrest on DUI charges, then you should consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney. Contact the Seattle DUI lawyers of Cowan Kirk at 866-822-1230.

DUI Detection with a Statistical Basis

Oftentimes, drivers who are stopped and charged with DUI or related offenses feel as if they were unfairly targeted. The reality, however, is that in most instances a police officer is far too busy to simply harass a motorist and will choose to have drivers pull over who have exhibited one or more of the following behaviors (with probability that an individual with such a behavior will measure above the legal limit):

  • Excessively wide turning radius
  • Tires on both sides of the center or lane marker – 65 % probability
  • Near collision with fixed objects or other vehicles – 60 % probability
  • Weaving between lanes – 60 % probability
  • Suspiciously slow speed – 50 % probability
  • Illegal or sudden turn – 35 % probability
  • Rapid changes in speed – 30 % probability
  • Headlights not on when appropriate – 30 % probability

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The consequences of a DUI conviction can be significant and far-reaching. You need an attorney who you can trust to represent you with the respect and vigor that you deserve. Contact the Seattle DUI defense lawyers of Cowan Kirk at 866-822-1230.

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