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Vacating Judgment in Washington

In the state of Washington, vacating a judgment is generally equated to expungement. However, they are ultimately connected to each other as a part of clearing a criminal record. Unlike other states, a charge cannot be immediately removed from a criminal record until it is vacated first, as Washington does not permit expungement for standing convictions. Instead, a vacated judgment modifies the verdict of that charge.

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Benefits of Vacating a Judgment

The requirements for vacating a judgment are similar to filing for expungement in other states. This legal option is not generally permitted within a certain number of years of a person's criminal sentence. Additionally, there may not be any ongoing criminal proceedings if a person wants to vacate his or her judgment. If they qualify for a vacated judgment, the following benefits may apply:

  • A reversal of a guilty verdict
  • A reversal that is retroactive
  • That person is not considered to have committed that crime for employment purposes
  • No one outside of law enforcement agencies can release vacated judgments

In addition to vacating, a person may then expunge his or her record. As vacating a judgment changes the verdict to not guilty, an expungement then allows that individual to remove the record of being charged with the crime.

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