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Truckers and Amphetamine Use

During the Second World War, a drug named amphetamine rose to popularity among bomber pilots who were expected fly missions over long periods of time. As the drug became an accepted part of the war effort, the struggle to keep it from affecting the population was more difficult for federal agents to attend to, requiring more technological advancements in drug detection. By the 1980s, urine analysis became reliable enough for government agencies to use it to crack down on amphetamine abuse. This has widely affected the way some commercial trucker drivers have operated.

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Dangers of Amphetamine Abuse

Truckers have been undergoing more intense job expectations as the United States has seen economic growth. Following World War II, truckers were often expected to driver farther, longer, and in less time than before. As a result, amphetamines entered into the trucking scene as a means to keep drivers awake over long hauls. The effects of amphetamine use include:

  • Lowered feelings of hunger or tiredness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • A boost of social extroversion

In the Reagan era, federal law shifted to new policing procedures that randomly monitored truckers and Department of Transportation employees alike. Through urine tests, drug traces could be found in a trucker's system, leading to subsequent legal action.

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