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The Hidden Costs of a DUI Conviction

As far as criminal activities go, driving under the influence is a relatively new concern. Before the invention and widespread use of the automobile, there was obviously no need for such a law. But the practical implications and consequences of intoxicated driving served to make plain the danger that this combination posed to the safety of all motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. Recent social pressures have led to a stiffening of penalties and sentencing, but despite the severity of these formal legal punishments, it is often the hidden costs of a DUI conviction which have the most serious and lasting effects.

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Lasting Damage and Lingering Impressions

One of the ideas inherent in the criminal justice system is that there is a length of incarceration that can be deemed as a suitable punishment for an individual convicted of a crime, and that upon completion of that sentence he or she may be considered to have served the debt due to society. The reality, however, especially with DUI convictions, is that the punishment does not end there. Some of the hidden costs of a DUI conviction may be:

  • Loss of eligibility for certain employment opportunities
  • Loss of current employment
  • Lack of access to licensure, housing, and other desired attainments
  • Harsh judgment by one's peers and family members
  • Harmed professional standing

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