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The Fight Against Alcohol Exclusion Laws

In order to combat problems related to drinking and driving, alcohol exclusion laws were created in the 1940s as a means to punish DUI drivers via insurance exclusion. According to these laws, states that embraced alcohol exclusion legislation permitted insurance agencies to completely bar coverage from a driver involved in an accident caused or related to alcohol use. In these states, insurance coverage could illegally be refused even if alcohol was not the cause, but was found in a driver's system. As a response to a well-understood loophole present in the exclusionary doctrine, many states have begun to repeal their exclusion laws.

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The Current State of the States

Essentially, alcohol exclusion breaks down into three categories. These groups include:

  • states which allow alcohol exclusion policies
  • states which do not allow alcohol exclusion policies
  • states which allow alcohol exclusion policies only due to court-established precedents

For many politicians, voting down a law that appears to be tough on alcohol abuse seems like a bad move. However, the law actually promotes DUI evasion more than detection, making it a dangerously widespread problem. For states that have legal precedents for exclusionary laws, it is up to the state legislatures to eventually decide whether they intend on passing a ban against exclusion or do nothing and to permit its continuation.

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