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The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

In the United States, both federal and state legislation prohibits individuals from driving motorized vehicles after consuming a certain amount of alcohol. Alcohol has mentally and physically incapacitating effects on the mind and body that render drivers unable to operate cars and other motorized vehicles in a safe manner. Because of this, DUI laws have been put in place to protect both you and others on the roads and sidewalks from dangerous accidents.

How Alcohol Prevents You from Driving Safely

Alcohol has a number of effects on the body that inhibit a person's normal physical and mental capabilities. Even small amounts of alcohol – giving people blood alcohol content (BAC) levels below the legal limit – can have debilitating effects. Those with a BAC level of 0.03 to 0.25 may experience the following:

  • Shortened attention span
  • Inability to make sound judgments
  • Loss of coordination/muscle control
  • Inability to maintain balance
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion
  • Heightened emotions

For these reasons, the government has set a cap on how much alcohol an individual may consume before getting behind the wheel of a car or truck. Those who choose to violate DUI laws run the risk of suffering both legal consequences and causing an extremely harmful accident.

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