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Social Media Evidence

As the internet becomes more widely integrated into daily life for young people in America, social media outlets that host large picture albums have been a problem for many. For some, trouble can be avoided by removing tags that implicate them in parties that their parents or coworkers might not appreciate.

For others, these online pictures can provide evidence for considerably more serious charges, such as DUI. Pictures can place an individual at a certain location with witnesses capable of providing testimony, which can be a serious hole in any DUI defense.

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Are These Pictures Admissible?

There is no simple answer as to whether evidence can be used in court or not. As with many pieces of evidence, the validity of a picture can be disputed or dismissed in court. Consider the following social media features that could be used against you:

  • Status updates
  • Wall posts
  • Tweets
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Audio clips

Any one of these could put a DUI defendant at a particular party during a particular time, especially with enough detail in the post, recording, or picture. However, with all digital evidence, it is possible that editing or some other manipulation has ruined the integrity of the evidence.

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