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Signs that You May Suffer from Alcoholism

The place of alcohol in our society has long been a matter of contention. It has been considered an integral part of many social functions for thousands of years and it is very unlikely that this will change at any point in the near future. But the invention and widespread use of automobiles has created an array of dangers that were never a problem before.

For many people, it is not an active choice but rather, affliction with a serious illness that drives them to drink. Alcoholism is still not fully understood, but as the scientific and medical knowledge regarding this condition expands, it becomes increasingly apparent that some individuals are facing an uphill battle for sobriety. If you or someone you love has been arrested on DUI charges and you suspect that alcoholism may be a factor, then let us help. Contact the Seattle DUI defense lawyers of the Cowan Kirk Law Firm at 1-866-822-1230.

Indicators of Alcoholism

The social acceptance of drinking can make it incredibly difficult to determine whether someone is an alcoholic. There are no hard and fast rules or lines in the proverbial sand that divide questionable recreational use from a true chemical dependency problem. But there are some signs and symptoms that can be helpful indicators in an attempt to determine whether you or a loved one may be an alcoholic:

  • Frequent intoxication
  • A pattern of drinking on the job
  • A pattern of drinking and driving
  • Drinking to the point of blacking-out
  • Consistent and radical changes of personality when drinking
  • Exhibits signs of withdrawal when not drinking
  • Neglect of personal and professional obligations
  • Neglect of personal hygiene

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