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Reducing the Negative Professional Impact of Past DUI Convictions

A person convicted of DUI charges can face some difficulties when applying for a new job. These convictions on a person's criminal record can lead to additional scrutiny from prospective employers. In order to overcome these challenges, an applicant who has been convicted of DUI may need to go through additional preparation and public work to instill trust in their potential employer to relieve concerns.

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Handling a Prior DUI

DUIs can create substantial obstacles to a person's professional prospects or aspirations. For employers, these criminal charges illustrate a personality that may not be willing to follow company rules. Additionally, trouble with the law can hurt a company's reputation and that employee's productivity. Employers may skip over convicted individuals with these concerns in mind. However, a person charged and convicted of DUI can do the following to improve their chances of being hired:

  • Work diligently at completing public service and volunteer tasks that show dedication to improving the community
  • If asked about the violation, do not lie or dodge the question
  • If asked about the violation, explain levels of personal growth since then
  • Work through the state for an expungement if possible

Expunging a DUI charge from your record can clear these offenses from the public view. However, depending on the circumstances of the conviction or per state law, an expungement may not be available.

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