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Pre-trial Motions and DUI Cases

If a DUI case goes to trial, pre-trial motions may be filed by the defense attorney to help set certain boundaries before the trial begins. The judge may consider legal motions filed before trial to determine what evidence will be allowed to be presented during the trial and may decide whether or not the case even needs to go to trial at all.

Typically, a preliminary hearing will take place before pre-trial motions can be filed. An experienced DUI attorney may be able to help set the guidelines for your trial through the correct use of pre-trial motions. If you or someone you love has been accused of DUI, contact the Seattle DUI attorneys of the Cowan Kirk Law Firm at 866-822-1230 to discuss your legal options.

DUI Pre-Trial Motions

Common pre-trial motions in DUI cases include:

  • Motions to keep breathalyzer test results and roadside safety tests from being used during the trial due to flawed testing procedures or equipment
  • Motions to deny evidence that may be tainted through collection or storage
  • Exclusion of confessions that were taken under duress or confessions taken without informing a defendant of his or her Miranda rights

It is estimated that nearly 60-70% of DUI cases are settled without having to go to trial before a judge and jury. Pre-trial motions are a valuable tool for defense attorneys to potentially get a case dismissed or settled with a lesser charge.

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