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Preparing for Legal Proceedings

If a person has been charged with DUI, he or she will be required to attend court hearings. While working through the legal process, it is important for these individuals to dress and behave according to the standards of the court. By dressing properly for court, a defendant can show a level of respect and seriousness regarding the legal proceeding.

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Appropriate Dress and Behavior

Although dress and behavior may not have a direct effect on matters of argumentation and evidence, they do illustrate that a defendant understands the seriousness of the charges at hand. A defendant should observe the following behavioral and decorum standards during a legal proceeding:

  • Do not speak out of turn
  • Do not lie
  • Answer questions directly, avoiding unnecessary details
  • Wear clothing that would be appropriate in a formal business setting
  • Avoid brightly colored clothing
  • Wear formal footwear, avoiding boots or high heels

For any further problems or concerns, a defendant should always consult with his or her legal representative first. Throughout the case, a defendant needs to be informed about what the court expects of each proceeding.

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DUI charges can have a major impact on a person's way of life. If convicted, a person may become burdened with harsh penalties that can result in heavy fines and possibly even jail time. To learn more about how a strong defense team can help, contact the Seattle DUI attorneys of Cowan Kirk by calling 866-822-1230.

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