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Police Identifying Drunk Drivers

Police officers look for and attempt to identify drunk drivers based on particular actions that drivers perform. Certain actions indicate a distracted, unfocused driver. Therefore a driver who performs these actions is likely to be pulled over on the suspicion of drunk driving. According to a survey of police officers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), certain driver behaviors are particularly good indicators of drunk driving. Some of the top indicative behaviors include:

  • Swinging out too widely while navigating easy turns.
  • Straddling the center lane in an attempt to drive in a straight line without actually realizing they are driving partially in the incoming lane.
  • Leaning to the side, hunching over the wheel, or otherwise appearing intoxicated.
  • Near-miss accidents, in which a driver almost collides with another vehicle or obstacle.
  • Weaving within a lane or between lanes.
  • Driving on sidewalks or in parking lots rather than on the designated roadway.
  • Driving slower than the posted speed limit, attempting to stay in the lane.
  • Stopping at green lights or unmarked intersections.
  • Tailgating other cars, using them as a guide.

Police officers are scanning the roadways for drivers performing any of these actions. Even if a driver is not over the legal limit, he or she may still be charged for reckless driving.

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