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Military Recruitment and DUI

As many young Americans weigh their options, the military has always presented a viable possibility for those who believe they have the character and skills to thrive in that environment. Due to the importance and gravity of the work that they do, the modern United States military is selective in determining who may enlist. While many branches welcome candidates to contact their local recruitment center, they may not be so pleased to see one or multiple DUIs on a permanent record.

If you are considering a future in the military and are currently facing prosecution for DUI, you need a skilled and experienced legal representative to assist you with your case. Contact the Seattle DUI attorneys of the Cowan Kirk Law Firm by calling 866-822-1230.

Legal Options for Recruitment

For many young people, a DUI charge on their record can prove extremely detrimental to their recruitment prospects. However, there are some options available to assist those who are interested in working to clear their good name. These possibilities include the following:

  • Having a record modified or expunged
  • Working through a waiver
  • Proving desirable characteristics to a recruiter and, therefore, commander
  • Presenting a recruiter who will speak on your behalf to reduce sentencing

Some courts consider that the illustration of an intention to join the military suggests that prior offenses were momentary lapses of judgment for a person with an otherwise strong drive to succeed in life. Considering that this may reduce a probationary period and modify a permanent record, these legal status changes may be sufficient to be considered for recruitment.

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