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Methamphetamine Abuse and DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI, you need a strong defense attorney to represent you in court. Contact the Seattle DUI defense attorneys of the Cowan Kirk Law Firm by calling 1-866-822-1230 to learn how we can help you.

The Effects of Meth

Also known as meth, speed, ice, and crystal, the abuse of methamphetamine can produce a wide range of characteristic effects. These include:

  • Spiking high body temperature and heart rate
  • Restless energy, often leading to insomnia
  • Mood alteration and violent responses
  • Symptoms comparable to anxiety disorders

Behind the wheel, these effects can produce explosions of road rage, an unwillingness to follow traffic laws, and increased acceleration. As such, methamphetamine use can underscore a large number of traffic incidents, as abusers are, at times, unable to control themselves from violent feelings.

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As the drug has grown in popularity, police response has been to crack down on erratic driving behaviors. If you have been issued a DUI, there are a number of options to consider when developing your defense strategy. An experienced advocate can help you fight for your freedom. Contact the Seattle DUI defense lawyers of the Cowan Kirk Law Firm at 1-866-822-1230 for more information.

Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn

Cowan Kirk is known throughout Washington and the nation for representing all of its clients with commitment, creativity and compassion. We recognize how devastating a DUI charge can be, particularly when our clients learn how incredibly tough Washington's DUI laws have become, even for a first-time offender.

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If you need a DUI defense attorney in Seattle, Bellevue, or King County, contact us today to find out why respect for our clients, a passion for justice, and our commitment to winning have earned each of us the highest honor a member of the bar can receive from our colleagues – their referrals.