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Loss of Rights from Felony DUI

In the state of Washington, a person may be charged with felony DUI if they have been convicted of four prior DUIs within ten years or one count of vehicular homicide or assault. At this level, the law strictly increases punishments and may add a minimum jail sentence and significant fines. In addition to these penalties, Washington withdraws numerous rights from felons until they have completed their sentencing.

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Collateral Punishments for DUI Convictions

A felony-grade offense typically requires that a convicted felon lose many of their rights until their sentencing is complete. In the case of Washington's criminal code, an individual may lose the right to:

  • Own or possess a firearm
  • Vote
  • Seek election to public office
  • Serve on a jury

With the exception of gun possession rights, these lost rights may be regained once a convicted felon has satisfied his or her sentencing requirements. According to the law, the sentence does not finish until the felon serves any necessary prison or probation periods as well as pays for any fines. The right to own a gun will not be reinstated because it is revoked by federal, rather than state law.

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These allegations are extremely serious and can do permanent damage to a person's reputation and professional opportunities. To learn more about your legal rights and defense options if you are facing a felony DUI case, contact the Seattle DUI lawyers of Cowan Kirk by calling 866-822-1230 today.

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