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Ignition Interlock Licenses

DUI charges can have a serious effect on an individual's life, often including significant financial penalties, probation, and loss of driving privileges. While specific DUI laws vary from state to state, several states, including Washington, may allow persons to operate their vehicles if they have an “ignition interlock license”.

If your license has been suspended for DUI, or if your license was suspended for other alcohol-related offenses before the “implied consent” statutes went into place, an ignition interlock license may allow you to continue operating your motor vehicle. For more information on ignition interlock devices and DUI charges, contact the Seattle DUI attorneys of the Cowan Kirk Law Firm at 866-822-1230 today.

Obtaining an Ignition Interlock License

In order to obtain an ignition interlock license, individuals must typically show that:

  • Their vehicle is equipped with a working ignition-interlock device
  • They have proof of financial responsibility, which usually includes established SR-22 high-risk auto insurance
  • They have paid all fines and monthly fees associated with obtaining and maintaining the ignition interlock device
  • The individual is aware that he or she may only operate a passenger vehicle, and that his or her license does not cover the use of commercial vehicles

There are often limitations to the type of vehicle individuals may drive, as well as restrictions on driving in other states, so it is important to consult an experienced Seattle DUI attorney if you have any questions about possible restrictions on your driving privileges.

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