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Ignition Interlock Devices

In the state of Washington, as well as in a number of states nationwide, a DUI charge results in your mandatory installation and use of an ignition interlock device (IID) in your personal vehicle. It does not matter if you had a clean record prior to being caught intoxicated behind the wheel of a car. Even those who have committed their very first DUI offense will be required to use an ignition interlock for a temporary period of time.

What is an ignition interlock?

An ignition interlock device is a personal blood alcohol content (BAC) level monitoring system that is directly connected to a vehicle's startup system. It acts much like a breathalyzer test in that it measures one's blood alcohol content by evaluating a breath sample. Those who have the device installed in their automobiles cannot start the vehicle until they exhale into the ignition interlock. If the individual's BAC level is below a set limit – typically 0.02% or 0.04%, then the car will be allowed to start. However, if the breath sample registers a BAC level above the allowed amount, then an alarm will sound in order to alert local law enforcement officers of the violation.

Most ignition interlock devices will either have voice recognition systems or require a second, random sample while in motion in order to ensure that the driver did not get a separate, sober individual to blow into the device instead.

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