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How to Sober Up

Many people have probably told you a number of myths regarding tricks on how to sober up quickly. Drinking lots of water and ingesting caffeine are likely two of the main tricks people discuss when talking about sobering up. The truth of the matter, however, is that there is no real way to speed up the process of removing alcohol from the blood stream.

The only real way that an individual can sober up is for him or her to give the body time to fully metabolize and rid its blood stream of alcohol. You may choose to use this time as you feel fit – most often, people will opt to eat, sleep, or even exercise as they wait out the sobering process. It is imperative that inebriated individuals take the time to sober up before getting behind the wheel of a car. Drinking caffeine in an effort to make the body more alert does not, in fact, sober one up.

Those who drink less will take less time to sober up, since the body has less alcohol to process and remove. Individuals who pace their drinking over the course of the night will find that sobering up takes a shorter amount of time to complete. And, of course, after a night of long drinking, ingesting coffee, taking painkillers, and exercising can help lessen the pain and fogginess that accompanies a hangover.

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