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Flying While Intoxicated

We are all familiar with the dangers of driving, boating, or even biking while intoxicated. All of these actions can be extremely dangerous or even deadly to you, your passengers, and nearby, outside parties. Because of this, each state has laws and legislation in place that prohibits people from operating such vehicles while intoxicated.

Though it may not be on the forefront of your mind when you think about the dangers of OWI, flying while intoxicated is one of the most dangerous forms of this offense. All passengers of a commercial flight rely solely on the skills and competence of their pilots. When these individuals are intoxicated, everyone onboard, as well as others on the ground, are put at risk.

Federal Aviation Administration Regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established nation-wide policies that apply to all pilots. Under Federal Aviation Regulation 91.17, pilots are prohibited from operating an aircraft in the following cases:

  • After consuming alcohol within the past 8 hours
  • While under the influence of alcohol
  • With a blood alcohol content (BAC) level at 0.04% or higher
  • While under the influence of any drug the inhibits the pilot's ability to safely operate the aircraft

If you have been caught attempting to fly under any of the above circumstances, then you may face criminal charges. You will need the help of a qualified DUI defense lawyer to protect you and your rights.

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