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Farm Equipment DUI

Although most of the population of the United States has urbanized, there are still lots of people who live in remote, rural areas. As there are still local farmers who consistently plant and harvest their own crops, there is still a great deal of use of farm equipment. Vehicles like tractors are rarely used outside of their professional uses, but may occasionally be used as a substitute for automobiles for short distances. Like any other vehicle, a driver who drinks and then operates a tractor may be putting him or herself in danger, as well as endangering those nearby.

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Tractors and DUI Charges

It seems strange, but DUI charges related to individuals operating tractors under the influence are not uncommon. Due to the size and strength of tractors, the results of a drunken tractor accident can include:

  • Damage to automobiles
  • Damage to public and private property
  • Injury to others
  • Self-injury

However, like any other type of DUI charge, tractor drivers can be wrongly accused of driving while under the influence. A DUI with a tractor is treated like any other DUI charge. The results can be penalties against transportation licenses, as well as special court orders regarding the use of a particular vehicle. In addition, a person may face jail time, probation, or court-mandated financial penalties.

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