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Factors Affecting Blood Alcohol Content

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a decision that needlessly endangers both you and the other people in your own car or others on the roadway. Despite the presence of strict criminal punishments for DUI convictions and serious social and economic repercussions beyond those, many drivers continue to engage in this regrettable behavior. Well-meaning individuals may be reliant upon urban myths, secondhand stories, and inaccurate notions about the effects of alcohol on the body to govern their decision-making. This is only likely to lead to disaster and a possible arrest on DUI charges.

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BAC Considerations

In non-mixed alcoholic beverages, it is relatively easy to determine the amount of alcohol that is consumed with each glass, or at least to approximate it. The bottles and cans are labeled and there are numerous broadly available standard estimations on the matter. But there are many other factors that can affect a person's blood alcohol content beyond the amount of alcohol contained in each drink. The following are some of these variables:

  • The weight of a drinker
  • The sex of a drinker
  • The amount and kind of food in the stomach
  • The time span over which alcohol is consumed
  • The length of time since the last drink

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