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DUI Booking and Bail

If you are pulled over, arrested and charged with DUI, then you will have to go through the booking and bail process. These procedures are common for a number of crimes. All DUI arrestees must go through the booking process, and those wishing to be released from custody prior to their trial dates must post bail (or bond, as it is sometimes called).

What is Booking?

If you are at all familiar with the criminal justice system, you may have heard of “booking” and “bail.” While these procedures may seem quite daunting, they are actually relatively simple processes. During booking, your information will be collected and looked over by law enforcement. You can expect your arresting police officer to perform the following during booking:

  • Collect your personal information (physical features, name, age, etc.)
  • Write down a description of your crime
  • Perform a criminal background check
  • Take your picture, fingerprints, and search you (personal property will be taken)
  • Place you in a holding or jail cell

Once the booking process has been completed, you will remain under police custody until you are able to post bail. When you can do so, you will be released.

What is Bail?

Bail is a set amount of money that you as a DUI suspect must pay the court system in exchange for your release from custody until your trial date. In some cases, bail is not necessary for you to be released. In cases involving very serious crimes, you will not be allowed to post bail at all. In general, however, it is common practice for you to remain in holding until bail is posted.

The money paid for bail is held by the court until your trial date. It serves as a sort of insurance or incentive for you to show up to your trial. If and when you do arrive, your bail is returned. If you skip out, however, the court keeps your money and you will be charged with the crime of failure to appear.

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