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DUI and Your Criminal Record

Being charged with DUI can be a frightening prospect. This crime, though generally considered to be a misdemeanor, leaves a permanent dark mark on one's criminal record that can affect future employment, loans, and admission to educational programs or institutions. Criminal records are considered to be public documents, and despite dismissed charges or acquittal, the record of a DUI charge will remain on one's record. However, through a process known as expungement, you can regain a clear criminal history.

How to Clear Your DUI Criminal Record

Expungement is the act of erasing a past criminal conviction or arrest, and it may be used in the case of a DUI. In some cases, a certain amount of time must pass before an individual can begin the process of expungement. Once that time has passed, however, you can utilize the assistance of a qualified DUI attorney to assist you with clearing your record. To speed up this process, those seeking expungement are encouraged to gather related documents, such as their DMV and court records, as early as possible.

Not everyone is eligible for expungement. Those who have committed a felony DUI cannot get their records cleared. Other factors that may affect one's eligibility include number of previous criminal incidents, the seriousness of this incident, and whether or not there was a conviction associated with this incident.

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