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Drowsy Driving

Many times, a driver thought to be drunk according to his or her driving may actually be suffering from fatigue. Drowsy driving, like drunk driving, can cause drivers to lose control over their ability to safely navigate highways, potentially leading to major accidents and massive damages. As a spokeswoman from the National Road Safety Foundation as noted, at least 60% of drivers have admitted driving while overly tired, and 30% of all drivers have admitted to momentarily losing consciousness.

If you have been charged with a DUI, clearing your name and your driving record should be a top priority. Contact the Seattle DUI defense lawyers of the Cowan Kirk Law Firm by calling 1-866-822-1230 today to discuss how DUI law affects you.

Signs of Drowsy Driving

While many drunk drivers suffer from problems with reaction time, proper lane control, and even depth perception, drowsy drivers pose similar threats in that they can completely lose control over their vehicle. A drowsy driver can be characterized by taking the following actions:

  • Erratic lane changes and failure to signal
  • Drifting off the road
  • Over-correction following drifting or unintended movement
  • Erratic speed adjustment

These are the hallmarks of drowsy driving, which can eventually lead to a driver altogether falling asleep. When a driver falls asleep, absolute catastrophe can occur on the highway, as cars can entirely leave the roadway or accelerate to unsafe levels.

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Contact the Seattle DUI defense attorneys of the Cowan Kirk Law Firm by calling 1-866-822-1230 today if you are facing DUI charges. Knowing the law can help protect your rights.

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