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Can I Go to Law School with a DUI?

Many Americans have their dreams of becoming a lawyer or judge threatened by a prior DUI conviction. These convictions will not automatically ruin a person's chances of being admitted to the law school of their choice, but they can make the process of applying and being accepted significantly more difficult.

If you have been charged with or convicted of an alcohol-related driving offense and you are interested in applying to law school, contact the Seattle DUI defense lawyers of The Cowan Kirk Law Firm at 866-822-1230 today.

Law Schools, the Bar, and DUI Convictions

Law school can open many career opportunities for a person. However, these schools are notoriously selective. A violation that raises concerns about a particular candidate can place them at a distinct disadvantage. A DUI conviction can impede a person's progress to a legal career, as that person may be:

  • Passed over in the admissions process for questionable moral character
  • Excluded from becoming certified by the state bar
  • Denied a job due to past criminal violations

At each stage of a person's legal career, they may need to prove that they have changed since their DUI conviction. In such a competitive field, this can make any progress at all much more difficult.

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If you have been charged with DUI, the consequences of a conviction can affect your professional and academic future severely. To learn more about your legal options and ways to fight these charges, contact the Seattle DUI defense attorneys of The Cowan Kirk Law Firm by calling 866-822-1230 today.

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Cowan Kirk is known throughout Washington and the nation for representing all of its clients with commitment, creativity and compassion. We recognize how devastating a DUI charge can be, particularly when our clients learn how incredibly tough Washington's DUI laws have become, even for a first-time offender.

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If you need a DUI defense attorney in Seattle, Bellevue, or King County, contact us today to find out why respect for our clients, a passion for justice, and our commitment to winning have earned each of us the highest honor a member of the bar can receive from our colleagues – their referrals.