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BUI, BWI, and International Waters, How Charges Work

BUI, BWI, and International Waters

The laws governing boats in international waters are sometimes confusing to many maritime enthusiasts. These waters, appropriately known as the high seas, require a greater degree of knowledge in order to safely operate a boat of any size. Accordingly, boaters must be especially careful in the open waters. Yet as a person becomes familiar with these waters they may feel safe enough to drink alcoholic beverages while operating their watercraft. Boating while intoxicated is a serious crime that carries considerable penalties whether in U.S. or international waters.

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How Do These Charges Work?

Alcohol and boating are incompatible in any waters. If a person is caught by a law enforcement agency while on international waters, generally measured out at a rough distance of 50 miles or so from the coast, and is found to be operating a vehicle while intoxicated, penalties can still apply. Charges may have the following consequences:

  • US registered boats return to the US justice system for punishment
  • US laws naturally extend to international laws due to registration location
  • Laws that cause serious damages are extended to international waters
  • Generally, the flag flown on the boat informs legal expectations

As a result, Coast Guard operators may issue BUI or BWI tickets once in contact with intoxicated boaters. In addition, a captain can be charged if they drink on international waters, but return to US seas while still intoxicated.

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