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Alcoholism is a very serious and dangerous condition. While there are varying degrees of alcohol dependency, anyone with alcohol problems may be at risk of any of the dangers associated with alcoholism. In the United States alone, almost 17.6 million people suffer from this hazardous disease. If these millions of individuals fail to seek treatment for their conditions, they may be at risk of developing cancer, liver damage, or delivering children with birth defects.


Alcoholism is characterized by a number of different symptoms. Alcoholics will typically do the following:

  • Drink alone
  • Drink excessively
  • Drink often
  • Lose interest in former hobbies
  • Drink or store alcohol in unusual places
  • Become irritated or aggressive when alcohol is unavailable
  • Allow relationships with friends, family members, and employers to deteriorate
  • Experience significant alcohol withdrawal symptoms

If someone you know has exhibited any of the above behaviors, then he or she may have developed a dangerous dependency on alcohol.

Treatment Options

There are several treatment options available to alcoholics. Certain medications are available that curb one's addiction to the substance. Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous are available to anyone with problems. Some opt to undergo detoxification and then attend group therapy or psychotherapy to keep the addiction from returning. Because many varied treatments are available, most recovering alcoholics should be able to select an option that is right for them.

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