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Alcohol Treatment Centers

There is nothing wrong with consuming alcohol in moderation, provided that you are of legal age and in a city or town where drinking is permitted. But the line between social drinking and alcohol abuse and addiction (alcoholism) can be difficult to identify because there are many subjective factors involved. Throughout the course of recent decades, medical research has established that alcoholism is a disease categorized by a pathological addiction, and as a consequence it can be virtually impossible for an alcoholic to overcome the physical dependency upon drinking to make it through the day.

For people who suffer from this particularly troubling disease, live-in treatment facilities might offer the best chance for recovery. If you are considering taking such a step forward to reclaim your health because you have been charged with DUI, let us help you with your legal concerns. Contact the Seattle DUI lawyers of the Cowan Kirk Law Firm at 866-822-1230.

The Advantages of Live-in Treatment

When one is afflicted with a chemical dependency, being possessed of a strong will is rarely enough to put an end to destructive use. Even though you may make a mental commitment and promise yourself and your loved ones that you will stop abusing alcohol, your body will continue to physically crave it. By surrendering to that craving, you can become mired in unhealthy feelings of guilt, shame, and failure which only drive you back to the source of your problems. For this reason, it might be appropriate to consider the advantages of live-in treatment:

  • Constant supervision and interaction with skilled counselors and professionals
  • A built-in support structure of people who are experiencing a similar set of trials
  • Lack of ready access to alcohol
  • A sufficient length of abstinence to allow the body to detoxify in a safe setting

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