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Alcohol Content for Different Types of Beverages

You may not realize it, but there are different amounts of alcohol in the various alcoholic beverages you can purchase and consume. For example, wine has a higher concentration of alcohol than beer. Liquor is much more concentrated than both of these drinks. Because of these discrepancies, different amounts of each liquid are served in “one drink.”

In the United States, a single serving of alcohol is considered to have 0.6 servings of ethanol, which is the drug that causes one to become inebriated. Typically, this amounts to 12 oz of beer, 5 oz of wine, or 1.5 oz of an 80 proof liquor.

These numbers may change, however, depending on the strength of the specific wine, beer, or liquor. On average, beers have about 5% alcohol content, wine has about 15% alcohol content, and liquor has 40%, but these numbers can vary. Because of this, drivers can't always base their intoxication levels off of how many drinks they have had – they must also pay attention to how they are feeling as they consume their beverages.

If you are going out with friends and are planning on having a few drinks, it is best for you to designate a driver at the beginning of the night. This person should avoid drinking any alcohol that evening. Because the drinks will be made and served with unknown alcohol amounts, it is best to simply have a completely sober driver rather than risk having one with a BAC level about the legal limit.

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