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Alcohol Abuse vs. Alcohol Dependency

Many times, people group “alcoholics” all together under the same line of thinking. They assume that all alcoholics are alike with similar drinking problems. The truth of the matter, however, is that not everyone with alcoholism exhibits the same levels of abuse. In fact, alcoholism is actually subdivided into two different classifications, based on the severity of the problem: alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency.

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is not considered to be as severe a condition as alcohol dependency, although it can lead into dependency if it is not controlled. People with this condition tend to have dangerous alcohol consumption habits. For example, they may drink in the mornings or binge drink on a regular basis. Those who abuse alcohol may also see negative changes in their daily lives – they may miss work frequently, be charged with DUI, or see their relationships deteriorate. Alcohol abusers will not, however, experience the withdrawal symptoms or extreme psychological attachment to the substance that those dependent on alcohol have.

Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol dependency is considered to be a more serious problem than alcohol abuse. Those who abuse alcohol for a prolonged period of time, turning their habit into a chronic one, are considered to be dependent on alcohol. They typically exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Loss of self-control over how much they drink
  • Exhibition of withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking
  • Lost interest and participation in former hobbies or activities
  • Inability to stop drinking, overall
  • Drinking has taken a toll on relationships with other people

Those who show at least three of the above signs can be classified as having alcohol dependency. This illness may require treatment to resolve. People with alcohol dependency may also be at risk of losing their driver's licenses if they are caught driving under the influence.

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