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Been a Blessing

Mr. Cowan, I want to express the appreciation of my wife and me for your defense of our son in District Court yesterday and throughout the entire process. You truly are the “Rock Star” in your field. The past five months have been a severe strain for the three of us, tempered only by The Cowan Law Firm's reputation as a defender of young adults. Our son has had a real lifestyle change in both behavior and in attitude as a result of what happened. As a result of your efforts, his career will go on uninterrupted and with a new emphasis on a behavior that doesn't tempt wrongful forces. It has been a positive event in his life, even though painful. Had this situation gone wrong for him, it would have had long lasting, negative consequences that would have been difficult for him to overcome in his business. Your efforts on his behalf have been a blessing for him and we thank you for this. You have our deepest gratitude and thanks.
– Matt's Dad

Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn

Cowan Kirk is known throughout Washington and the nation for representing all of its clients with commitment, creativity and compassion. We recognize how devastating a DUI charge can be, particularly when our clients learn how incredibly tough Washington's DUI laws have become, even for a first-time offender.

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