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Mercer Island DUI Defense

The Mercer Island DUI defense lawyers of Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn are compassionately and aggressively committed to protecting the legal rights of those who have been arrested for DUI or related offenses. The firm's founding partner, Doug Cowan, has been representing DUI defendants for more than 40 years and brings that experience to the courtroom in every case. The many matters that he has litigated have taught him that there is virtually no DUI case that cannot be won.

Cowan is joined by other experienced DUI attorneys, and together they have been defending DUI cases for over 75 years. This history has prepared our firm to manage even the most complex DUI litigation issues, and when you work with us that is an advantage that you can trust. Contact the Mercer Island DUI defense lawyers of Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn at 866-822-1230 if you are facing DUI charges.

Defending Your Case from Start to Finish

There are plenty of law firms that will tackle DUI cases. But when your freedom and reputation are at stake, you cannot settle for an attorney who views your legal affairs as an afterthought to other areas of legal practice. That is a worry that you will never have with Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn. The depth of our commitment to DUI defense and the singular focus of our firm mean that you can count on us to put our best foot forward when you need it most. The innumerable cases we have handled in the past have armed us with an uncommon variety of litigation strategies and directly applicable legal experience. We can help you with:

When it Comes to DUI Law, We Wrote the Book

As further evidence of Doug Cowan's dedication to ensuring that DUI defendants have adequate representation, he has undertaken other avenues to share the knowledge and experience that he has acquired. He authored the textbook, Defending DUIs in Washington, an instructional tome for other DUI defense attorneys. Additionally, he partnered with 11 other DUI lawyers to form the National College for DUI Defense in 1995. Each year the College convenes at Harvard Law School and welcomes lawyers from all over, many of whom come from one of the 19 states where Doug Cowan and Bill Kirk have lectured on the subject of DUI defense.

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There is no reason to take needless chances with your freedom. For a legal ally whom you can trust and whom prosecutors respect, contact the Mercer Island DUI defense lawyers of Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn at 1-866-822-1230.

Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn


Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn is known throughout Washington and the nation for representing all of its clients with commitment, creativity and compassion. We recognize how devastating a DUI charge can be, particularly when our clients learn how incredibly tough Washington's DUI laws have become, even for a first-time offender.

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If you need a DUI defense attorney in Seattle, Bellevue, or King County, contact us today to find out why respect for our clients, a passion for justice, and our commitment to winning have earned each of us the highest honor a member of the bar can receive from our colleagues – their referrals.